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The popular VR mini-golf game gets new courses based on the cult 80s movie

Image: Mighty Coconut

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VR golf fans can expect more content. Walkabout Mini Golf will be expanded to include a VR theme park.

At first sight, it is “only” mini golf. But if you take a closer look at the VR game Walkabout Mini Golf, it’s hard to walk away from it. This is thanks to the lovingly designed courses with great detail, the excellent ball physics and the incredible satisfaction when you have once again dominated your colleagues with a hole in one on the last course. VR mini-golfers can now expect new content.

Walkabout Mini Golf: The Labyrinth DLC has arrived

Walkabout Mini Golf is one of the fifteen most successful VR games on Meta Quest 2. According to the developers, players cannot take off their VR headsets once they set foot on the virtual green. On average, about half of all players would spend about two hours at a time at Walkabout Mini Golf. With the new DLC, the playing time might even increase.

The new content in Walkabout Mini Golf is about the cult 80s movie, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Pop legend David Bowie and actress Jennifer Connelly captivated audiences in 1986 with a magical fantasy world filled with wild goblins and monsters.

Now studio Mighty Coconut is bringing the movie aesthetic to virtual reality with a new journey. Each of the eighteen holes is designed to remind you of a scene from the movie. Plus, for the first time, you’ll meet NPCs based on characters from the movie. Once the course is completed, you can explore the maze that gave the game its name.


Labyrinth DLC brings the biggest course in the game yet

According to the developers, the new course will be significantly larger than any of the previous areas. Again, there are hidden balls to find and a hard mode that sends you on a treasure hunt at night.

However, the hard mode completely redesigns the course this time and takes you straight to Jareth’s masquerade ball from the original film.

With the update, for the first time, up to eight players can simultaneously chase balls onto the virtual green. The Labyrinth DLC for Walkabout Mini Golf is available now on the Oculus Store and via SteamVR for approximately $3.00.