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Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Review – All Rage, No Soul

Even if you love Final Fantasy games, expect to feel like a stranger in a strange land when you play Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. This violent tale of the original 1987 Final Fantasy game largely eschews the adventurous spirit and heartfelt mysticism of the series in favor of focusing on muscle, attitude, and […]

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Peaky Blinders Game Developer Reveals How They Revamped Polly’s Role

The upcoming Peaky Blinders VR game, The King’s Ransom, will see a new actress take on the role of Polly. In the TV series Peaky Blinders, Polly was played in seasons 1-5 by much-loved actress Helen McCrory, who sadly passed away in April 2021. The virtual reality title Peaky Blinders takes place between Season 4 […]

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PJSC Sberbank: Online Golden Mask 2022 with Sber and Okko

Golden Mask online takes place for the fifth time in spring 2022. Live streams of three productions recognized by National Theater Awards experts will be available on the Okko platform, the festival’s general digital partner. Performance recordings will be available throughout the year for free to all registered users in the Golden Mask playlist. The […]

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Former NetherRealm developer announces Animal Well, a horror-infused puzzle game

If you like indie games for their experimental nature, Animal Well might be for you. Developed by Billy Basso, a former programmer at NetherRealm Studios, it’s a 2D puzzle game that incorporates horror and platforming elements. Slated for release on PlayStation 5 and Steam, Animal Well will arrive later this year or early next year. […]