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Squid Game star makes terrific return in clever thriller Midnight

Even in an age of multiple platforms and shifting hierarchies, today’s small-screen hero is still tomorrow’s movie star. This is how the skinny South Korean greyhound thriller Midnight catches the eye first as the vehicle of Wi Ha-joon, one of the main Netflix phenomenon squid game. In the series, he played resolute cop Hwang Jun-ho; […]

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Lucifer Comics Creator Neil Gaiman Thanks Protesters After 2021 Netflix Listing Show

Lucifer has a pretty dedicated fanbase. After the series was canceled by its parent network Fox, the outraged response from viewers helped convince Netflix to renew. Lucifer for three more seasons, before the show ends in September 2021 with its sixth and final season. The series topped the Netflix 2021 chart, and comic book creator […]

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10 Best Haunted House Animated Movies To Watch Before Netflix’s House

Premiering on January 14, 2022, the Netflix original miniseries The House is a three-part animated horror-comedy that appeals to the sensibilities of both older and younger audiences. The stop-motion anthology series follows three separate stories set in a spooky haunted house, reminiscent of some of the most memorable animated horror films of its ilk. Primarily, […]

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The best Roblox games based on movies and TV shows

Some of the best Roblox the games were created taking inspiration from major movies or television shows. Players can choose from a plethora of different experiences that allow them to jump into their favorite worlds and become characters they love. RELATED: 10 Best Video Games Based On Books Whether gamers are looking to immerse themselves […]

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BAIT launches Squid Game KOKIES Toys and clothing

Following their collaboration with Astro Boy, Los Angeles-based label BAIT is now teaming up with Netflix to produce a KOKIES clothing and toy series for the acclaimed thriller series. Squid game. KOKIES figures represent characters from the series, including the Young-Hee motion sensing doll, the frontal man, and the square, triangular and circular guards. The […]

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Mr Beast’s Squid Game real tournament finally takes place today

YouTuber Mr. Beast will broadcast an actual recreation of the tournament in the Netflix K-drama Squid Game, where adults compete in childhood games. The actual recreation of Squid game put together by YouTuber MrBeast will officially air this afternoon. Squid game is the surprise hit Korean drama created by Hwang Dong-hyuk which premiered on Netflix […]

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Watch behind-the-scenes footage of “Squid Game” without CGI

A recently released behind-the-scenes video from Squid game showed how much CGI is actually used on the show. The video was uploaded by Kim Hyung-rok, a CG supervisor at Squid game from Gulliver Studios, based in South Korea. The two-minute video shows how much CGI has been used in the popular Netflix series, including the […]

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Chrissy Teigen’s Squid Game Party was created by Hollywood event planner Loriann Serna of Wife of the Party.

Chrissy Teigen is once again the subject of widespread internet backlash – this time for hosting an over-the-top video Squid game– a themed party, with hanging piggy banks filled with cash, green tracksuits, a maze staircase and terrifying masked “guards” carrying cocktails. The prize for winning the evening’s games was a flight to Napa Valley […]

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Chrissy Teigen Calls For Hosting ‘Squid Game’ Themed Party

Chrissy Teigen has been called in for throwing a lavish party themed on the popular Netflix series Squid game. Earlier this week, the TV personality and her husband, singer John Legend, hosted a party whose theme was based on the popular TV series. The celebrity couple reportedly turned to party planners Wife Of The Party […]

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The Big Problem People Had With Chrissy Teigen’s Squid Game Party

The 35-year-old TV personality took to Instagram to celebrate what she considered an “epic night.” As Teigen wrote in the post, “Where do I even start?” then captioned a series of photos from the event. “My dream has come true to see my friends fight to the death,” joked the host of “Lip Sync Battle”. […]