It can often happen that you suddenly need a small amount of money (for example 1000 euros ) to do a little work that we had in mind, buy an appliance , give a gift to loved ones etc.: in this case the first thing to do is apply to a financial institution , but not all banks grant loans with minimum ceilings equal to the amount indicated in the previous lines, and it could therefore be a little inconvenient to identify the credit institution capable of satisfying its needs.

On the other hand, however, there are some credit institutions that have dealt with the planning of 1000 euro loans with subsidized rates and advantageous conditions . In this regard, in the following lines we will deal more in depth with these small loans , which have the advantage of not providing excessive guarantees to be provided in the contract.

In addition to the main features of these loans and the general requirements to be met, we will ultimately analyze one of the financial proposals that offers the most advantageous type of loan from 1000 euros, so as to provide a practical and immediate example that can be useful to those who want to request a small sum on loan.

Get small loans from 1000 euros with little guarantees

As has been anticipated in the previous lines, asking for a small loan of 1000 euros may not be as simple as you might think at first. The majority of banks and credit institutions, in fact, offers types of loans without transfer of the fifth with minimum ceilings that are around € 5,000. However, loans such as those of Postepay (SpecialCash) or INPDAP (small INPDAP loan) make it possible to obtain modest financing without even having to present too many guarantees.

Instead of lending to most entities in fact, for loans from 1000 euro is often not necessary to provide new guarantees nor takes into account the financial situation of the applicant, but there is just limited to use as collateral the paycheck, the unique pattern o the pension slip depending on the use made.

In order to obtain small loans of 1000 euro , there are many ways to do so: in addition to the canonical financing provided by banking and social security institutions that we mentioned earlier, there are also loans that are changed , which are characterized by the presence of a bill used for the payment of periodic installments. This type of loan is particularly suitable for financing small amounts of money and is much faster than other methods of providing money.

Findomestic products: estimate and installment calculation

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After talking about the characteristics of small loans of 1000 euros and the advantages that characterize them, in this paragraph we analyze more specifically the example of a company that provides this type of financing.

The Tuscan credit institution Findomestic offers the possibility to request small amounts online in a completely safe and convenient way . The product that the company offers allows in fact to obtain figures ranging from 1000 to 60,000 euros and to obtain them it is necessary to have a few simple requirements: the Italian residence, the verification of income, the possession of a current account and the age between 18 and 75 years.

Financing of this type is granted by Findomestic with repayment plans ranging from 36 to 96 months , and can be easily requested online . In fact, at the Florentine financial website , there is a dedicated page that allows you to make an accurate estimate with the customer’s personal data and the desired amount, and once the confirmation of the estimate has been completed, all the loan operations will be simple and immediate thanks to the practical Digital Signature function provided by Findomestic.