How to apply for loans for retired BancoPosta , with details on the documentation to be provided to the Poste Italiane, the time that can pass between the signing and the definitive granting of this form of financing, the minimum and maximum duration, the insurance necessary to bring to terminate your request and the form of charge provided.

Quinto BancoPosta can be a suitable solution for your investments, if you have a fixed pension paid monthly by one of the institutions between Inps and Inpdap that meets all the requirements in force on the service offered by Poste Italiane, which mainly refer to the valid state regulation for each credit institution.

BancoPosta loans for pensioners are made by transferring the fifth from the pension, corresponding to an installment of up to one fifth (20%) of the amount received on a monthly basis, on the basis of the amount agreed with Poste Italiane at the time the loan is signed.

BancoPosta loans for pensioners 

To be decided there will, of course, also the amount of the loan , which you can have available even within a few days if there are no hitches in the procedure, due to problems in the documentation provided. They consist, in addition to the identity document and the tax code (health card), even in the coupon of the pension, replaceable by a copy of the last CUD presented.

The balance of interest will be structured by BancoPosta in monthly installments , the number of which varies between a minimum of 36 (for a total of three years) and a maximum of 120 (amount to be repaid in ten years). You will not have to worry about anything, because the amount of the agreed pension will be automatically deducted from the amount received each month.

Lastly, it should be pointed out that loans for BancoPosta pensioners can only be granted to those who have not yet reached the age of 80 on the expiration date of the loan, whereas foreign citizens must have resided in Italy for at least five years.