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PS Plus ‘GTA Online’ Bonus: How To Claim $ 1 Million From Your Maze Bank Account

WWith PS Plus, “GTA Online” players can get free in-game currency of $ 1 million.

Rockstar Games is giving Playstation Plus subscribers $ 1,000,000 free per month, which can be collected through the PlayStation Store.

Everything in “Grand Theft Auto Online” centers around the player’s bank account, as buying businesses is the primary way to climb the ranks of the underworld.

However, with the imminent release of “Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded” and “Enhanced” for next-gen systems, Rockstar Games and Sony are offering PlayStation players free cash to help them become a mob boss. .

“Grand Theft Auto Online”, like most of Rockstar’s previous games, features a huge, wide open world with rich vegetation and beautiful scenic landscapes.

Los Santos, on the other hand, is more than a beautiful face, as players can explore the area to shop for clothes, lavish apartments, helicopters and supercars, as well as participate in a variety of other activities, such than golf or going to the movies.

On the contrary, these multi-story homes and exclusive Los Santos Tuners vehicles don’t grow on trees and usually come at a premium price.

Nonetheless, some players can now close their eyes and prepare to drive the best cars “Grand Theft Auto Online” has to offer.

Indeed, Rockstar Games recently revealed that selected Playstation players can receive a monthly deposit of $ 1,000,000 into their Maze Bank account for free.

However, in order to earn a substantial amount of money, players must first join PS Plus.

“GTA Online” is now available via PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions coming in March 2022.

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PS Plus is a PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 subscription program that provides customers with online multiplayer access, one to two free games each month, up to 100 GB of online storage for data preservation, and additional perks in the PlayStation Store.

According to Rant, to claim your monthly money as a subscriber, turn on your PlayStation console and go to PlayStation Store.

Once you are in the digital storefront, type “GTA Online PS Plus” into the search box. Simply launch “Grand Theft Auto Online” after pressing the “Download” button.

Players should be able to find the money in the character’s bank account once they enter the game.

If the million dollars are missing, don’t panic; several players said their transaction was not immediately visible and transferred to their account within 72 hours of logging in.

In conclusion, the choices of expression and involvement of players have widened with the addition of a handful of new cars to “GTA Online”, as well as the relatively recent expansion of Los Santos Tuners.

Now that players have more cash in their pockets, there is a plethora of new things that can be bought and enjoyed.

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