Today, loans to finance medical expenses , related to health and well-being, have become one of the most important tools for giving everyone access to high-level care. Just think of all those medical expenses that are not covered by the national health system or those whose waiting times are extremely long.

In these cases the only possibility is to access the private sector with all that it entails, in terms of spending. Personal loans can offer a shortcut to allow high-level health services by spreading out spending.

health loans

How loans work for health and well-being

The personal loans dedicated to the financing of health costs due to health and well-being are provided by some credit institutes with products specifically dedicated to this particular need. In principle, not all banks or financial companies provide these products because many are used to finance these expenses with normal personal loans for liquidity.


In principle, these loans can be subscribed to finance expenses attributable to:

  • surgical interventions;
  • dental expenses;
  • wellness stays;
  • beauty treatments;

Even if each credit institution applies different conditions, we can say that the interest rate, at this moment, is quite interesting and allows to finance these expenses in a very cheap way compared to what happened a few years ago.

Agos and Findomestic medical bills

Below we have selected some personal loans dedicated to this particular expense that are particularly interesting:

  • Health and wellness loans Findomestic : interest rate below 10%, the possibility to change the monthly amount of your installment without additional costs and the possibility to apply for financing with digital signature are the strengths of this product offered by Findomestic.
  • Agos health and beauty loans : Agos also proposes a specific policy to finance health and beauty expenses, including aesthetic and wellness treatments. This is a loan with fast delivery as it is paid after only 48 hours from the practical opening.

Overall, we can say that medical expenses are a valuable help if you want or are forced to turn to private facilities for care and well-being.