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New Horror Game The Devil In Me Frame Shoots Real Life Terror

The latest title in The Dark Pictures Anthology, The Devil In Me, is based on the Chicago hotel of HH Holmes, one of America’s first serial killers.

The Dark Pictures Anthologyit is latest addition, The devil in me has dark real-world connections and inspiration. The devil in me is the fourth addition to the anthology of interactive drama survival horror games. Although no specific release date was given, developer Supermassive Games and publisher Bandai Namco said the game will be released in the fall of 2022.

The Dark Pictures Anthology created in 2019 with Medan Man. little hope followed this in 2020 and Ash house in 2021. The devil in me should be the “Season 1” finale. Supermassive Games has filed trademarks for at least 5 more Dark pictures games in February 2022.


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The devil in me has real historical inspirations derived from a man who went down in history as one of America’s first serial killers: HH Holmes. In the game, a group of documentary filmmakers are invited into a modern replica of Holmes’ “Murder Castle”. As in many horror games, things are not what they seem and players are soon fighting for their lives.

The Devil in Me Recreates a Historic American Horror Hotel

The devil in me takes place at the World’s Fair Hotel, a supposed replica of the “hotel” built by H. H. Holmes in Chicago in 1891. Holmes and his property are a real but still much-debated part of American history. Speak crime museum, HH Holmes, born Herman Webster Mudgett, moved to Chicago in 1884 and worked in a drugstore, across from which was the vacant lot where he would eventually build what locals called “the castle”, a three-story hotel . In reality, the building on the third floor of the Holmes estate may have been intended as a hotel, but this construction was never completed, leaving it composed only of storefronts and apartments. So while the trailer for The devil in me shows the figures inside the hotel, getting lost in a maze of rooms and enduring unspeakable horrors, it is unlikely that this “replica” is in fact representative of the historic building, which was subjected to a great fire in 1895 then demolished.

Holmes’ hotel is said to have over 100 rooms on the top two floors, some of which were soundproofed to drown out the screams of his victims, while others had gas lines used to asphyxiate guests. The hotel was supposed to be filled with trapdoors, aimless stairs, chutes leading to the basement, and even a spooky lab with vats of acid to dissolve the remains of victims. In The devil in meThe latest trailer for, a partially decomposed animated corpse is seen sitting at a table, seemingly a direct reference to this lab. Even the name of Dark pictures Game, The devil in meis a tribute to Holmes, being a direct quote from his murder confession to the Philadelphia plaintiff.

Yet the fact remains that Holmes, according to, was a liar and con man who sold his story for a profit, and the newspapers seem to have exaggerated or outright invented much of the reporting around his crimes. According to Adam Selzer, one of Holmes’s most prominent historians, Holmes was more likely a mass murderer who killed naturally to cover up his other crimes, rather than a serial killer who killed out of compulsive urge to do. His conviction and execution actually concerned only the singular murder of an accomplice, most of the other murders attributed to him having not been proven.

Despite growing evidence that works like Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City sensationalised the real events by taking Holmes’ accounts literally, the legend of the man popularly considered one of America’s first serial killers continues to fire the popular imagination. Using this historical inspiration for a horror game (even if the legend is much broader than reality) gives The devil in me additional interest and another level of potential fears. Players will navigate through a piece of history as it has been preserved in the cultural zeitgeist, and hopefully the future Dark Pictures Anthology games will turn to more gruesome bits of historical ephemera to bring new scares to life.

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