To try to apply for a personal loan without being in possession of a paycheck or a valid pension slip, turns out to be one of the most complicated and almost impossible operations of our financial system today. This is because the guarantees preferred by banks or institutions that deal with the provision of various loans and loans, are precisely the gains derived from the emoluments in question.

However, with many difficulties, it has finally reached a situation in which, by playing on types of alternative guarantees , credit institutions that allow the request for funding also by pensioners who do not have paychecks, are significantly increasing: therefore open a gash in the impenetrability present until recently as regards this type of requests.

In this regard, in the following paragraphs we will analyze how it is possible to apply for loans without paychecks for retired people and which are the credit institutions and institutions that allow this difficult operation to be carried out.

What does “without payroll” mean?

Before proceeding with the reading of the article, it is good to make a small premise about the expression “without payroll” , which can not and must not in any case correspond to the total absence of money.
Without having any kind of remuneration in fact, even for pensioners , it will not only be difficult to request any type of financing, but it will even be impossible ; however there are different financial institutions that provide small amounts of money to those who receive income different from the classic paycheck.

Even retirees or atypical workers who do not have a demonstrable income but have a small alternative pay (which we will discuss in the next paragraph) will be able to apply for a loan.

Alternative guarantees

Alternative guarantees

In the introduction we talked about the paycheck in relation to an important – if not the most important – guarantee required by the credit institution for the purpose of providing a specific loan: well, for those who did not have this type of guarantee available , there are some alternatives that can be used to disengage from this peremptory obligation .

Take for example the possession of a rental property: in such a case it will be sufficient to dispense the property document to its financial institution , a fact that will almost certainly lead the institution to gloss over the lack of an income guarantee.
In this case, it will be sufficient to show the rental contract and then provide a statement to show the regular payment of the rent by the tenant.

Another example of an alternative guarantee to the profitable one for pensioners without paychecks who want to apply for a loan is to demonstrate a certain financial income.
The customer could in fact have available an invested capital capable of procuring a certain annual return , which would not however exclude the need for the owner to need further generic liquidity.

Lastly, let us consider an example of the total absence of guarantees that can be enjoyed by the client: in this case, it is still possible, for the pensioner who has not even the above mentioned guarantees in addition to the income factor, to resort to small loans or private loans.
The former are precisely loans that certain banking institutions grant even without the aid of a pay check to those who need small amounts; however, in this case the interest rate applied will obviously be higher than the average, reporting values that are close to the limit imposed by the law.

Loans granted by private individuals are also one of the last solutions that can be used in case of absence of guarantees : in this case the rates applied are much cheaper than the situation previously illustrated, even if the maximum ceiling that can be requested is still around 2,000 euros.

PostePay payday loans

One of the most available companies to retirees – and not only – who need a personal loan while not having a paycheck , is certainly Poste Italiane , which with its PostePay prepaid card of the Postemat circuit , has created a valid alternative system to obtain the desired financing even without the guarantee in question.

But let’s see in detail what the Poste proposal consists of.

For those who hold PostePay, a prepaid card usually used for online payments and at stores, you can access the SpecialCash Postepay personal loan, designed specifically for retired , unemployed and atypical workers who do not have a demonstrable income.
The loan in question can be requested at any branch belonging to Poste Italiane , and does not need any guarantee, including the usual obligation to be Italian citizens , in this case for the absent note.

It will be sufficient to present the identity card, the health card, the Postepay on which the loan and the income certificate will be credited, as well as the passport and valid residence permit in the case of a foreign applicant.
Regarding the minimum and maximum age , the funding may be granted to individuals aged under 18 and not more than 70.

The operation of this financial solution developed by Poste Italiane is very simple: the entire sum of the capital provided will be credited to PostePay , and will be ready to be used by the beneficiary. The payday loan includes an amortization plan based on a specific grid that takes into account three different brackets depending on the capital required (divided between 750, 1,000 or 1,500 euro), and will vary, depending on the contract, on the basis of the possibilities cost of the customer who can request for a minimum of 750 euros to a maximum of 1,500 euros, repayable in a period of time ranging from 15 to 24 months.

The interest rates applied, always calculated on the basis of the scale for the sum requested, may correspond to € 74 in the case of the first band, € 136.50 in the case of the second and € 232.50 if an amount due to the third group is requested. .

The guarantees requested by Poste for the provision of this particular type of loan, are absolutely absent , and the amount disbursed can be returned via postal bills or via their current account if the customer is a current account holder of Poste Italiane.

The Intesa Sanpaolo proposals for pensioners

Another solution in terms of credit companies that pensioners without paychecks can resort to is Banca Intesa Sanpaolo , a very well-known bank in Italy.
The credit company in question is often associated with the most sensitive cases, such as the provision of loans to young people , atypical workers and the unemployed .
But Intesa Sanpaolo leaves no one behind, and proposes a cost-effective solution for retired people who do not have regular paychecks.

There are several strategies that the bank in question has proposed to its more “difficult” customers: from Monorata to the Maxipignoratizio , the loans designed by Intesa Sanpaolo have been developed respecting a series of characteristics typical of those who can not afford the classic request for a loan by presenting the paycheck as a principal guarantee.

To request one of the loans that we will quote below in fact, you will only need to have some documents that demonstrate the possession of an income “accessory”.

The first loan that we report is the Monorata , which allows you to concentrate all loan installments into one , so as to be more easily manageable.
Another alternative consists of the Maxipignoratizio loan, which allows you to obtain up to 100,000 euros with the sole aid of securities or deposit guarantees made with Intesa Sanpaolo itself.

Mini loans and bills

Mini loans and bills

Be it young, old or retired, in the age in which we live, most people have an incredible weapon to exploit in the most critical cases: the web .
By doing more or less in-depth research it will be possible to find the perfect solution for your situation : in this case, for example, it can be much simpler than what is believed to be 100% financial certified online willing to provide a loan to those who do not own a paycheck.