You are a pensioner and you need a loan but you are afraid to ask your bank because you know you are reported as a bad payer? Well, no problem because you have to know that most banks offer loans for retirees even if they are reported as bad payers.

On the contrary, you should know that even if you are reporting in crif, retirement loans can be obtained under very interesting conditions and in extremely short time. In this article I’ll explain everything you need to know about these banking products and how to request one. 

Get a loan for retirees even if bad payers

Get a loan for retirees even if bad payers

As we have just mentioned, most banks provide these products also in the presence of claims in crif or at other risk centers.

The reason is very simple. The bank will provide a supply of the fifth of the pension . In this way it will be the INPS to pay the bank directly withholding the amount of the installment from your pension. Let’s take an example to better clarify the concept.

Let’s say you have a crif report and a pension of 1500 euros per month. The bank will provide you with a transfer of the fifth of the pension, ie a loan whose installment can not exceed the value of one fifth of your monthly pension, in this case 300 euros.

This installment of 300 euros will be paid directly by the INPS by holding back that money from your pension. This is why the bank does not need any further guarantees to provide bad payer funding if you have a pension .

What do you need if there is a crif message?


Fortunately, the documents needed to obtain financing of this type are very few. As usual, we need the identity card, the tax code and the pension slip issued by INPS or another pension agency that provides our income.

In some cases, am is very rare for this type of financing, the bank can request a statement of the last months. It should be noted that several banks provide the loan following the opening of an account at one of its offices.

Which banks provide the transfer of the fifth of the pension

Which banks provide the transfer of the fifth of the pension

I know that now you’re going to find a list of banks and financial companies that deliver these products at affordable rates but, alas, it is not. The fact is that practically all the banks and financial companies offer these products, so it would be useless to put you a list.

However we want to give you some information and suggestions anyway. For example, in these days, there are some lenders that are providing loans at very low rates. These include Findomestic (with fixed interest rates of around 7%), Unicredit and Intesa (the two main Italian banks that allow loans under 7%) and BNL.