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‘Disagree’, ‘Uncoupled’, ‘Honor Society’ and more: Best movies and TV shows streaming this week

CLEVELAND, Ohio — New entertainment releases this week include “Not Okay” which targets modern influencer culture and features Zoey Deutch. Also this week: Cristin Milioti stars in ‘The Resort’ on Peacock while Neil Patrick Harris offers a fresh take on life after a breakup in Netflix’s ‘Uncoupled’.

‘Not good’

Modern influencer culture is skewered in the clever new satire “Disagree,” streaming on Hulu from Friday. The film, written and directed by Quinn Shephard, stars Zoey Deutch as Danni, an aspiring writer in her twenties who runs out of things to say until she launches into a little social media lie. social (photos of a “trip to Paris” taken from her Bushwick apartment). When the landmark she’s supposed to pose with explodes, Danni gets the trauma story she’s been craving. Dylan O’Brien (“The Maze Runner”) also co-stars alongside newcomer Mia Isaac in the recent father-daughter road trip pic “Don’t Make Me Go.” DETAILS

‘Honor Society’

A high school girl (“Spider-Man’s” Angourie Rice) is desperate to get into Harvard and tries to beat her competitors in the new comedy “Honor Society,” which airs on Paramount+ Friday. Directed by Oran Zegman and written by David A. Goodman (“Family Guy”), “Honor Society” also stars “Stranger Things” Gaten Matarazzo and “Superbad” Christopher Mintz-Plasse. DETAILS


For a different kind of critique of influencer culture, just watch “Hatching,” the gruesome Finnish body horror about a 12-year-old Tinja (Siiri Solalinna) and her perfectionist mother (Sophia Heikkilä), who runs a popular blog called “Beautiful Everyday Life. Directed by Hanna Bergholm, in its debut, the film has shades of both “ET” and “Black Swan”, making it an interesting creature feature. “Hatching” is also coming to Hulu on Friday and could make for a fun double feature with “Not Okay.” DETAILS

“The resort”

Cristin Milioti was caught in a recycled ‘Groundhog Day’ day in the movie ‘Palm Springs’. In Peacock’s eight-episode dark comedy “The Resort,” time is once again an issue for Milioti’s character, Emma, ​​who is vacationing with her husband, Noah (William Jackson Harper), when a mystery of 15 years interferes. Andy Siara is the other link between “Palm Springs” and the series: he wrote the first and is screenwriter and showrunner for the second. Siara described “The Resort,” which debuts with three episodes today, as focusing on people who yearn for a time in their lives “before the hard parts” take over. DETAILS

‘Amber Brown’

There’s a treat in store for young fans of Paula Danziger’s Amber Brown books and adult admirers of Bonnie Hunt. “Amber Brown,” which debuts Friday on Apple TV+, is written and directed by Hunt (“Life with Bonnie”), who infuses the series with his signature humor and warmth. The on-screen iteration of Amber (Carsyn Rose) is slightly older than the original 9-year-old and has an artistic streak that helps her cope with her parents’ separation. Through Amber’s sketches and a video diary, viewers learn about her hopes and dreams in the 10-part series starring Sarah Drew as Amber’s mother. DETAILS


Comedies about life after a breakup are common, but Netflix’s “Uncoupled” offers a new take. Neil Patrick Harris stars as Michael, who is dumped by his partner Colin (Tuc Watkins) after 17 years. Michael grapples with pain, anger and restless acceptance as he takes on the challenge of being an unattached gay man in his 40s in New York City. Her support system includes loyal friends and her real estate sales partner Suzanne (Tisha Campbell). Creators Darren Star (“Sex and the City,” “Emily in Paris”) and Jeffrey Richman (“Modern Family”) combine heartache and laughter in the eight-episode series that debuts Friday. DETAILS