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DEIP Launches First Metaverse City For Creator Community By BTC Peers

DEIP launches the first metaverse city for the creator community

Earlier this month, DEIP, an ecosystem that connects Web3 to the creator economy, officially launched its DEIP Metaverse City.

The Metaverse has been touted as the next trillion dollar industry, with analysts predicting the market could reach $13 trillion by 2030. So it’s no surprise there’s been plenty of action lately.

The DEIP Metaverse City is the first virtual city built by creators, meta-architects and 3D artists. Built on Arhead Metaverse, the project will allow creators around the world to interact in the virtual world, as well as leverage DEIP technologies to ease the transition to Web3. Notably, creators will have access to the tools needed to build businesses and tokenize, control and monetize assets.

The metaverse city is the result of a collaboration between Arhead Metaverse, the BALAGAN creative agency, and the ATRIUM architecture studio. With DEIP, the teams worked to recreate a duplicate of the company in a virtual environment. And the result is a sequence of five unique typologies, including a three-storey exhibition space, a boulevard, a labyrinthine environment of many intersecting streets, tunnels and a square with an amphitheater.

“We like to create lively and visually diverse environments, where the city reveals itself in unexpected ways to the viewer and we implemented these qualities in our project. Of course, we had much more flexibility than working in the physical realm. Overall, we managed to bring together different types of urban spaces that visitors might find in certain cities,” said architecture studio ATRIUM.

Commenting on the protocol, CEO and co-founder of DEIP, Alex Shkor, explained that his company was building the basic infrastructure to ensure a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3. He said:

It was important to us to open up the space where creators could meet, collaborate, learn about the latest technological developments, and move towards the decentralized creator economy. DEIP Metaverse city is a great example of a project that has become a meeting point for talented creative minds. From day one, the city was visited by representatives of Metapurse, Center Pompidou, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Mubert and many others. It’s only a beginning.

Interestingly, six projects are already leveraging DEIP’s technology, including ‘phygital’ metaverse ecosystem platform Arhead, ticketing solution NFT Legal Music, and virtual architecture and design platform

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