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Dark perspectives: Henrie Kwushue wants to offer a “free game” to creatives

Free Game With Henrie is the latest installment of Instagram’s Black Perspectives, a project designed to support black creatives and give them the credit they truly deserve, something every budding creative should watch.

Hosted exclusively on Henrie Kwushue’s IG, the Reels content series will see the Kiss FM presenter and Spotify co-host Who we are podcast posed revealing questions – submitted by its community – to the most recognizable faces in the UK music industry. Viewers will hear stories and advice from Unknown T drill star Poet, host of the dirty guy podcast—and BBC Radio 1 DJ Tiffany Calver. On the show, they’ll give insight into how they’ve made names for themselves in their respective fields, and there’s no holding back: everything from haters of money and industry to bad business, will be covered in these quick discussions.

Henrie’s charismatic interview style and relationship with guests means these conversations are more candid than ever. Free Game With Henrie is a doorman-free zone where anyone who wants to be put can be. Have you ever wondered how much money people turned down? Are you curious about the biggest expenses of musical artists? how long is that really lead you to banking in this industry? Let Free Game With Henrie be your new one-stop-shop for the rare industry gems you’ve always wanted to know about, but were too afraid to ask.

We sat down with Henrie Kwushue to talk about her show, who her dream guests would be, and why the creative industries can sometimes be a maze if you don’t have the right connections.

Picture via Instagram

Of all the people you spoke to, who do you think gave the best advice or information?

I think the most surprising was Unknown T. He was actually open and honest about everything and his opinions on the industry. I think for emerging artists, someone like unknown T being honest in this space on Instagram is really encouraging.

If you could start over, or if you could expand this series in some way, how would you do that?

I would continue to find different black creatives in the entertainment industry, from music to fashion, and get them to answer the same questions. That way, when you look back at the content, it’s now a very comprehensive piece on the entire entertainment industry as a whole.

Do you have any Free Game With Henrie dream guests?

Maya Jama would be amazing, Naomi Campbell, Idris Elba and Anthony Joshua.

What was it like being creative lead on Black Perspectives?

I thought that was really interesting because we got to sit down and think about ourselves as creatives, but also how we serve other black creatives. I had to take a very deep look at the creative space around me, who exists there, what kind of things they would like to see and what is already missing. So it was an interesting trip to take.

Visit the Instagram profiles of Henrie Kwushue, Tanya Compass, Ibrahim Kamara and Estare Areola to check their #BlackPerspectives initiatives.