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The highly anticipated Sword Art Online the Film -Progressive- Scherzo of Deep Night today dropped another detail chest into our inventory ahead of the anime’s Japanese premiere on September 10, unboxing the main visual and a new preview trailer upon opening.

It was also announced that Eir Aoi, who performed theme songs for every season of the hit anime series from “Innocence” to “Ignite,” will perform “Shinzo” (“Heart”) for the movie’s theme song. , which is produced by n-buna of rock duo Yorushika.

Main visual

Sword Art Online -Progressive- Scherzo of Deep Night Animated Movie Main Visual

Trailer 2

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Key cast members from the first film return for the sequel, subtitled “Scherzo of Deep Night,” at A-1 Pictures, including Ayako Kono as director, Kento Toya as character designer and animation director in chief, Yasuyuki Kai as action director and monster designer, and Yuki Kajiura as music composer.

It is also confirmed that Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Haruka Tomatsu will return as Kirito and Asuna, joined by Shiori Izawa (Nanachi in Made in the Abyss) as Argo “The Rat”, an information broker in Sword Art Online.

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Sword Art Online -Progressive-a retelling of the Aincrad arc of the series, was first published by author Reki Kawahara in 2012 and now spans eight volumes, with each volume typically covering a single floor in the Sword Art Online game, at from floor 1 in Air of a starless night. “Scherzo of Deep Night” is the title of the storyline of the fourth volume, which means that we will move to the 5th floor of Aincrad Castle.

Yen Press, which publishes the official English version of the light novels, describes the volume as follows:

It’s been barely two months since they were trapped in the game of death that is Sword Art Online, and Kirito and Asuna continue their struggle at the forefront of progress in the game. The Fifth Floor of Aincrad is a labyrinthine ruin, and the two dare to take pleasure in plundering it for the treasure it contains. Back on the fourth floor, it’s time to do some quests on behalf of the elf lord Yofilis – but here begins Asuna’s displeasure, because in doing so they’ll have to face her least favorite monster ever…

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