These days we received an email from a reader who, in essence, asks us: what is the loan for pensioners cheaper? Going into more detail, our reader must help his father to take a loan of about 10 thousand euros and was looking for the most advantageous solution to prevent interests from weighing down the payment of installments. Assuming that this is a very good time to access credit, given the low level of rates applied by banks and financial companies, we try to answer this question.

How to find convenient personal loans?

First we would like to give some guidance on how to always find the most advantageous personal loans. We must never forget that even a minimal difference, as regards the interest rate can save a lot of money. Here, then, some tips that will be useful in the evaluation phase:

  • compare at least 3-5 estimates : we recommend never taking into account less than 3 estimates. The perfect number could be 5, a quantity suitable to offer an overview of the market;
  • take the taeg into consideration : always remember that the tan is an easily distorting indicator. There are lenders that apply an interest rate on the financing (the tan, in fact) very low, but then apply very high amounts as costs of investigation and management practice. To avoid “getting caught” always compare the taeg which is the true indicator of the total cost of the loan;
  • transfer of the fifth or personal loan : which of the 2 solutions to choose? Much depends on the particular personal situation of the applicant. Let’s say, however, that many banks to cut the bull’s head propose the sale of the fifth. We always recommend evaluating both solutions;

These are simple indications that will allow you to immediately get an overview of the situation and choose a convenient loan will be a real breeze.

Best convenient loans

Best convenient loans

At this point we try to see what the market offers at the moment. Remember, once again, that each bank applies different conditions depending on what are the conditions and needs of the client (requested amount, age, pension amount, etc.) so making a truly objective comparison is impossible.

  • Sale of the fifth BNL : this is a flexible and convenient loan that can be subscribed online or directly in the branch. We have already talked about this so refer you to the review: BNL retired loans .
  • Retired loan Poste Italiane : also the post office offers an interesting loan. We recommend it to all those pensioners who do not like doing these things on the web as there is no possibility to switch on the online practice. Here our review: Poste Italiane pensioners .
  • Fingepa retirement loan : this important financial institution proposes itself as a valid alternative to the usual banks. It allows access to loans of high amount, even in the presence of other loans.

These, currently, turn out to be the most interesting products but the advice we give you is still to make you make at least 3 quotes. For any clarification or doubt you can write to us using the space below.