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Comic book writer Alan Grant, co-creator of Judge Dredd, dies at 73

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Alan Grant had the kind of comic book career that is quickly becoming legendary. He started in the 60s by writing romantic comics. Later, he joined forces with John Wagner to work on Tarzan and 2000 AD for IPC comics. After working on numerous horror/sci-fi titles, Grant and Wagner co-wrote Judge Drddwhich Grant worked on extensively in the 1980s.

In the 80s, Grant proclaimed himself an anarchist and even wrote a Batman sidekick character, Anarky, in hopes of helping spread his political views through his art. According to an interview with Planet Of Agostini, an Italian comic book publisher, Grant expected Anarky to reprise the role of Robin, but Tim Drake, the third Robin, was already in development. He attempted to purchase the rights to Anarky, but DC Comics refused.

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One of his favorite Batman stories, according to the Planeta DeAgostini interview, is the fight between Batman and Etrigan. “In the final part of the series, Batman is forced to fight Etrigan, despite knowing the fight can only end one way…in Batman’s own death. But Etrigan changes his mind. and makes a short speech to Batman: “I like you, man. I like your style. I wonder what force stirs your bile. Huh? What dark demon pushes you to fight when even hope is gone? Comfort.” It’s over. Go your own way – for free. Because there’s something deep inside you, man, that’s a lot like me!

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In 1992 Grant was honored by Comic-Con International with an Inkpot Award. According to 2000 AD site, “He continued to work for 2000 AD throughout the 1990s, mainly on Anderson, psi divisionwhere his partnership with artist Arthur Ranson produced stunningly beautiful stories such as Shamballa and Satanand the three-volume series Labyrinthinspired by the three months he spent in prison for possession of half an LSD tablet in 1969.”

Although ill for some time, Alan continued to write. His last work for 2000 AD was a Judge Anderson story in 2018 and a war story in the Special Battle in 2020.”

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