Personal loans medical expenses (Health and Wellness)

Today, loans to finance medical expenses , related to health and well-being, have become one of the most important tools for giving everyone access to high-level care. Just think of all those medical expenses that are not covered by the national health system or those whose waiting times are extremely long. In these cases the only possibility is to […]

Convenient loan for retired people

  These days we received an email from a reader who, in essence, asks us: what is the loan for pensioners cheaper? Going into more detail, our reader must help his father to take a loan of about 10 thousand euros and was looking for the most advantageous solution to prevent interests from weighing down […]

Loans for retired people over 75 years of age

How to get loans for pensioners over 75 years , keeping away from those institutions that place this age threshold as the maximum limit beyond which funding can no longer be requested. In this guide, we will then look at how to apply to institutions to obtain loans if you are in the age group […]

Loans for retired bad payers

You are a pensioner and you need a loan but you are afraid to ask your bank because you know you are reported as a bad payer? Well, no problem because you have to know that most banks offer loans for retirees even if they are reported as bad payers. On the contrary, you should […]

Retired loan with guarantor 2017

    When asking for personal loans, is it better to do it with or without a guarantor? This is one of the most widespread questions in this area, as many people do not have a clear understanding of the role of the guarantor as regards the provision of personal loans. First of all it […]

Loans for pensioners with a social pension

It is hardly a novelty to find problems when trying to apply for pensioners with social pensions , since there are regularly institutions unable to offer, at any interest rate, this funding opportunity. Below, we will see all the information necessary to understand whether it is possible or not, in these cases, to successfully request […]

Apply for small loans via SMS

  Today and today, with the economic crisis that continues to rage , with unemployment always at high levels, especially for young people, and with pensioners who see their purchasing power go down more and more, apply for a loan , even a lot small , it can make the difference to be able to […]

Loans changed for retired people

The loans that have been changed are a particular type of personal loan and are based on the stipulation of bills that the debtor undertakes to pay at the fixed term. Usually the payment of the bills of exchange changed monthly, but the customer and the credit company can, by mutual agreement, establish a different […]