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Are GTA Online installs worth buying?

GTA Online offers its players many types of in-game properties and businesses. One of them is an underground facility which is mainly used by players to access various missions, weapons, and storage spaces.

But if there are players who don’t know anything about underground facilities in GTA Online, it might be a risky investment for them. Through this article, players will receive all important information about facilities in GTA Online, and whether it is worth having in the game.

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Should players invest their money in GTA Online facilities?


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The facilities are large underground structures with many levels managed by the IAA. These can be modified with a variety of extras, including CEO offices, motorcycle clubs and bunkers. After receiving an introductory phone call from Lester Crest, there are nine facilities available for players to purchase from Maze Bank Foreclosures.

Similar to bunkers and hangars, facilities can be acquired for use by organizations and motorcycle clubs. Other than the actual heist missions, there is no ongoing business operation that requires the player to sign up as a CEO, biker president, or VIP.


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The ability to access the Doomsday Heist, which is still considered one of the best heists in GTA Online, is perhaps what makes owning a facility one of the most enticing options for players. GTA Online players.

Players can also store some of the most powerful vehicles in the game, such as The Avenger, which is one of the most expensive aircraft in the game. Players also have access to many exclusive vehicles such as the Khanjali, Thruster, the Chernobog and the RCV, these are some of the most useful vehicles players can get in the game.

Along with facilities, players can also gain access to the Pegasus Conceirge, a company that dispatches certain vehicles, including specialized helicopters, to the player’s desired location. This is extremely useful, especially when players are stuck in a tight spot and need to quickly escape.

Finally, the most infamous reason players buy rigs in GTA Online is that they have access to the Orbital Cannon, which is basically a cannon that orbits the earth and when fired can instantly kill n any player in the target area. It is probably one of the most dangerous weapons in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The inconvenients

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Unfortunately, almost all of the vehicles and weapons that become accessible with installs are very expensive to own, such as the Orbital Canno, which will cost nearly a million dollars just to install.

This means that if players don’t have a huge bank account, they won’t be able to enjoy many of the luxuries that owning a facility affords players. Also, if players are not interested in Doomsday Heist, especially after the release of Cayo Perico Heist, the installs basically become useless for them.

Unlocking Trade Prizes won’t help if players never intended to acquire the Doomsday Heist vehicles in the first place. Although these cars are good, there are always better and cheaper options.


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The facilities have huge financial investments in Grand Theft Auto Online, so cash-strapped players might not find much use for this property. If players are looking to make money, they should try bunkers or nightclubs.

But if there are wealthy Grand Theft Auto Online players who don’t have to constantly worry about how much money they’re spending, then an underground facility is perfect for them.

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