Today and today, with the economic crisis that continues to rage , with unemployment always at high levels, especially for young people, and with pensioners who see their purchasing power go down more and more, apply for a loan , even a lot small , it can make the difference to be able to arrive or not at the end of the month.


These are small sums of money often requested by people who work with atypical employment contracts when not completely in black, or by people with particularly disadvantaged situations, such as the presence in the family of unemployed, disabled, many children, low income, etc ..

Presenting oneself at a bank or financial agency to request small amounts , perhaps without many guarantees, seems only a waste of time, and often these people ended when forced, with the request for help from friends, family members and, when this was not possible, to not recommendable people.

Small fast loans via SMS

Small fast loans via SMSToday, however, there is another solution to be able to arrive safely at the end of the month, and are the small fast loans via SMS. It is a loan with which you can request from 50 up to € 500, repayable in up to 30 days, then more than suitable for the ordinary needs of the month.

To request this type of loan, you need to be a current account holder with a credit institution, and the latter provides this type of possibility. In this case it is necessary to register on the website of the credit institution, providing all your credentials.

When you need the small loan , you will need to send an sms with the request for the amount, and the bank will respond with the actual cost of the loan and the possibilities of repayment, within the 30 days of the maximum limit.

Once you have read the conditions offered by the bank, you can choose the solution that best suits your needs and accept the loan . In this case the amount requested will be credited within a short time from the confirmation, even a few minutes, directly to your current account.

As for the costs, they are considered a bit ‘all very high, perhaps because it is a practice still little used in Italy, and many lenders apply quite high costs. This request for a loan via text message is a widespread practice especially in Northern Europe, but that is starting to take place gradually even in Italy.

These are very easy loans to obtain , as credit institutions already have all the documentation related to your financial situation. Furthermore, there is no need for further guarantees, given that the entire transaction is carried out by crediting and debiting the current account, again within the bank itself.

It is a solution that can be useful to get to the end of the month in case of problems, or to face an unexpected expense or to help you pay an installment without going into the red with the bill.