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5 dream-driven horror movies

Dreamland can sometimes be a scary place. Drifting into the land of the nod is generally an uneventful experience, but sometimes sweet dreams turn into terrifying nightmares, leaving you waking up in a cold sweat. Yet what happens in dreamland has no real consequences. Unless, of course, the nightmares happen in a horror movie.

There are many examples of times when dreams have turned on their dreamers in horror. Whether a stabbing child murderer has returned from beyond the grave or a sleep study is going terribly wrong, there are plenty of opportunities for a good night’s sleep to turn into a waking nightmare.


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Probably the best known and most influential dream-based horror is freddie. Wes Craven’s slasher came out in 1984, and at the time Craven couldn’t have known the pop culture phenomenon he had on his hands. Heather Langenkamp stars as Nancy Thompson, a teenage resident of titular Elm Street who is plagued by nightmares about a stab finger burn victim chasing and killing her friends one by one.

Of course, Nancy’s friends start dying in real life, sliced ​​and diced horribly – and Nancy seems to be next on the list. As the plot unfolds, Nancy learns of child murderer Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) who was hunted and burned alive by the parents of the Elm Street children he had bullied. The film’s nightmarish imagery along with the brutal murders and unique villain led to the Elm Street franchise that spanned decades, spawning seven sequels and an ill-advised and ill-advised remake in 2010.

1987 film by John Carpenter Prince of Darkness is part of the director’s unofficial apocalyptic trilogy, which also includes They live and In the Mouth of Madness. The film follows a group of scientific researchers and students investigating a strange discovery in the basement of a church: a giant cylindrical chamber filled with a strange green slime that exerts an uncanny force around those within. proximity. As the group investigates, things slowly unfold inside and outside the church.

Throughout the film, the team members have strange visions and dreams that seem like warnings. Audiences get a glimpse of these visions every time someone sleeps, through what appears to be a shaky recording of a figure standing in the open doorway of the church. Whenever someone dreams, certain words are repeated: “This is not a dream… not a dream. We use your brain’s electrical system as a receiver. More of the message is revealed as the film continues. The dreams are a warning from the future about the imminent rise of the Antichrist, which is actually contained in the basement cylinder.

An unsung oddity from 1988, paper house is a slow-burning and bizarre British film based on the novel Dreams of Marianne by Catherine Storr. Eleven-year-old Anna suffers from glandular fever. While sick, Anna draws a house, and when she falls asleep, she finds herself inside her drawing. When she wakes up, she draws a young boy at the window of the house, and of course, when she dreams, she finds him there. She also finds him in real life when she wakes up.

Things take a turn for the worse when Anna lures her absent father into the house. Instead of the warm family reunion she had hoped for in her dreams, he becomes a figure of fear, searching for her and terrorizing her in the paper house. paper house is a visually striking film with a dark background that belies its kid-friendly appearance.

Before becoming the master of the horror miniseries on Netflix, director Mike Flanagan had made many other adventures in the horror genre, including Hush, Oculus, and Doctor Sleep. One of his least viewed films of 2016 is Before I wake up who features a family beset by the nightmarish monster of their adopted child’s dreams. After the loss of their own son, Jessie and Mark Hobson take in Cody, a boy who has nightmares about an entity called The Canker Man. Of course, nightmares are harmless, unless the dreams come to life while you sleep.

It becomes clear shortly after arriving that what Cody dreams of can manifest in real life. Butterflies first appear in their home, but things go awry when the couple’s dead son appears. It only gets worse when The Canker Man begins to seem to terrorize their waking life and Jessie goes to the orphanage Cody is from, only to find hallways filled with horror and remnants of Cody’s life before.

2020 Canadian sci-fi horror film To come true follows a troubled Sara, who has a strained relationship with her mother and is virtually homeless. Sara is also plagued by nightmares of a maze where a glowing-eyed figure threatens her. Cash-strapped, Sara agrees to participate in a sleep study for money, but the consequences of this supposedly simple study soon begin to spill over into the real world and impact not only Sara. but on his surroundings.

She begins to see the dark figures in her waking life and discovers that she is not the only one in the office dreaming of them and the maze. As the characters begin to bond with her and others, Sara reveals herself to be a sleepwalker, a sleepwalker, and her sleep-induced escapades take her and the Seekers to more than anyone expected. .

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