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25 Best Jennifer Connelly Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Future Hollywood stars Joaquin Phoenix, Billy Crudup and Liv Tyler starred alongside Jennifer Connelly in the 1997 romance drama “Inventing the Abbotts.” The film centers on three sisters living in a small town in the Midwest in the 1950s: Alice, Eleanor and Pam Abbott, played by Joanna Going, Connelly and Tyler. Daughters of the wealthy tycoon Lloyd Abbott, they are pursued by a pair of brothers, JC and Doug Holt (Crudup and Phoenix). Pig JC, whose father was conned by Lloyd, sees the three young women as a chance for revenge, hoping to bed them one by one and break their hearts.

JC’s treatment of promiscuous Eleanor quickly gets her fired, and his courtship with married Alice ruins a family. But the kinder, gentler Doug, who admires his older brother for his brashness and success with women, begins to develop real feelings for the soft-hearted Pam, the younger and somewhat more naive Abbott.

Describing the film as an “emotionally powerful but extremely old-fashioned coming-of-age saga”, The opinion of the variety also praised the film’s young and talented cast, giving Crudup, Phoenix, Tyler and Connelly full marks for their sensitive and moving performances.