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10 Thrilling Movies Like The Goonies That Every 80s Kid Will Love

A cult film that’s not afraid to revel in its magical setting, “Labyrinth” is a far cry from your typical romp in the realm of fantasy. Featuring masterful puppets from the brilliant Jim Henson and an antagonist played by a certain eccentric English singer, nearly every image in this classic is unmistakably 80s.

Teenage Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) is fed up with her little brother-in-law Toby (Toby Froud). When she looks at him one night, she finds Toby holding her beloved teddy bear, and at the end of her tether from his constant crying, she wishes he was taken away by the Goblin King. Whether or not she plans for Jareth (David Bowie) to show up in her room to grant her wish, we’re not sure. After begging for a chance to undo the damage she’s caused, Jareth offers Sarah an opportunity to free her baby brother from his clutches. There’s only one catch: her journey will take her through the treacherous Labyrinth of Jareth, a maze filled with traps, puzzles and many bizarre creatures. To make matters worse, she has a 13-hour time limit to complete the daunting challenge, at the end of which, Toby will be taken to the Goblin Kingdom for good.

While it doesn’t have the same “group of kids going on an adventure” dynamic that we all loved in “The Goonies,” “Labyrinth” more than makes up for that by introducing Sarah to a cast of characters that really goofy along his perilous journey, from the heavyweight Ludo and the permanently grumpy dwarf Hoggle, to the irrepressible Sir Didymus. Plus, any movie in which David Bowie gets into a song-and-dance routine with a legion of puppets by his side is a must-watch for us.