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10 Greatest Movies of 2012, Ten Years Later

A lot has happened since 2012 – the supposed end of the world as prophesied by the Mayan calendar, one of the biggest hurricanes on record to make landfall and a fierce presidential election. 2012 was the beginning and end of the movie franchises that defined a generation of fans of superheroes, sexy vampires, video game movies and the young adult boom.

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These are some of the biggest movies to hit the box office in a year filled with too many to discount. Whether these movies seem old or just hit theaters yesterday, these are some of the biggest movies to hit the box office in a year filled with too many to discount.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

The fifth and final adaptation of Stephanie Meyers Dusk saga, The breaking dawn, part 2 was released in theaters on November 12, 2012. It continued the trend of bloating the final book into two feature films, preceded by The Deathly Hallows part 2 one year before. The film followed the second half of the story after Bella (Kristen Stewart) wakes up as a newborn vampire and launches a battle for his daughter’s right to survive against the Volturi.

Although the Dusk the film series has come to an end, the era of sexy vampires (and supernatural creatures in general) has continued. Meyers has since published Midnight Sunfollowing Dusk from Edward’s perspective, and it looks like the door has closed on any potential adaptation, especially with all the cast members reprising their roles.


The hunger Games

As the The Twilight Saga debuted its latest entry, the era of dystopia YA had begun. The adaptation of the first of Susan Collins’ trilogy about the reluctant revolutionary Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) opposed to the victims of corrupt politicians’ thirst for unethical entertainment and oppression of the masses was released in theaters on March 23, 2012. Remarkably faithful to the book compared to its contemporaries and predecessors, The hunger Games was a box office bonanza.

In the ten years since its release, The hunger Games saw three other feature film adaptations of the series and its prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents is in production for the franchise’s triumphant return to theaters. The film launched the YA Dystopia genre’s short-lived reign, with Divergent, The maze Runner, The 5th Wave, The donor, and The host among others.

Ralph’s wreckage

by Disney Destroy it Ralph was released in theaters on October 29, 2012, positing the idea that “just because you’re a villain doesn’t mean you’re a Bad boy.” The film follows video game villain Ralph (John C. Reilly) on a mission to get a medal that only heroes and good guys are supposed to earn. He crashes into the racing game “Sugar Rush” and teams up with the glitch Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) to improve the odds and the scripts they need to follow.

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Since he started, Ralph’s wreckage saw a sequel Ralph breaks the internet in 2018, following the trend of films focusing heavily on the gimmick of social media and the world inside phones and computers and departing widely from the original’s poignant themes and messages about identity.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The first of three adaptations of JRR Tolkien children’s book, An Unexpected Journey was part of a prequel series to the critically acclaimed film the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was released in theaters on December 6, 2012. Arguably the best of the trilogy, An Unexpected Journey follows Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and thirteen Dwarfs on a quest to retake their home under the Lonely Dragon Mountain Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch).

The Hobbit trilogy concluded in 2014 with Battle of the Five Armies and Tolkien’s works have since seen a revival with those on Amazon rings of power currently in production which would serve as a prequel prequel to the lord of the rings trilogydating back to the Second Age.

The Avengers

On May 4, 2012, The Avengers showed how sweet the payoff could be, bringing together four years of solo movies and teases that were just the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since then, the MCU has been thrust into Phase 4 with many faces of the original Avengers team having passed the torch to their successors. The film follows Thanos’ first teaser (Josh Brolin) war to come, as he sends Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to wreak havoc on New York City with an army of Chitauri soldiers.

The “Avengers” as fans knew it ended with the end of the Infinity Saga with End of Game in 2019, one of the most anticipated films of all time. The team has come a long way since the Battle of New York, and the MCU shows no signs of slowing down.

The dark knight rises

The sequel to one of the best Batman movies four years earlier, The dark knight rises released in theaters on July 20, 2012, the finale of by Christophe Nolan gritty Batman trilogy. Spicy Batman (Christian Bale) against Bane (Tom Hardy), the film also sees Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) and a tribute to Robin (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). This serves as a sendoff for the Batman character, though he wasn’t gone for long.

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Since The dark knight rises debuted, Batman returned in other incarnations in batman versus superman and Justice League(Ben Affleck) and more recently in The Batman (Robert Pattinson), he saw changes in his costume, personality, and identity. Nolan’s trilogy spawned an era of gritty, grungy DC movies, The Batman only the last.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The second incarnation of a live-action Spider-Man franchise hit theaters on July 3, 2012, starring Andrew Garfield as the titular webslinger. Versus by Sam Raimi trilogy and not yet inducted into the MCU, The Amazing Spider-Man had some big shoes to fill and for many fans it didn’t quite stick the landing. He brought The Lizard (Rhys Ifan) and a new face on the big screen, both met with mixed reviews.

Disappointing follow up amazing spider man 2, the Garfield trilogy never came to fruition. A little after, Tom Holland became the face of Spider-Man in the MCU, leaving The Amazing Spider-Man like the clumsy middle child until Spider-Man: No Coming Home brought Garfield and Toby Maguire return to the cinema for a celebration of the character’s legacy.


by Disney Brave Released in theaters on June 22, 2012, one of the first Disney Princess films not based on a pre-existing fairy tale or fable. Brave follows Merida (Kelly MacDonald) who, after expressing a wish to change his fate, accidentally turns his mother into a bear and must find a way to reverse the curse. Before Moana and Elsa, Merida is the first Disney princess to avoid a love interest.

Since he started, Brave did not see sequels or television adaptations and Merida herself appeared as a cameo in Ralph breaks the internet and little else. The film shows what a strong female character can be, and not setting a larger legacy for herself is a missed opportunity.


The adaptation of the beloved musical aims to make a film like no other. It debuted on December 25, 2012 and won Academy Awards for Best Actress (Anne Hathaway), Makeup and Sound Design. Wretched took on the challenge of recording every musical number live on set, resulting in performances that, while well-acted, mostly pale in comparison to those of traditional stage productions.

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Wretched was nonetheless a feat that showed what live-recorded musicals could be with the stellar performances of Eddie Redmayne, Amanda Seyfriedand Samantha barks playing Marius, Cosette and Éponine respectively. Director Tom Hopper continued to bring Cats to the big screen in 2019, which was criticized in part for the weird special effects in place of traditional stage costumes.

celestial fall

Of the 27 James Bond films, celestial fall ranks 5th on Rotten Tomatoes and is the 3rd Highest-grossing Bond film to date. by Daniel Craig third outing as a character, celestial fall sees the proven history of the compromised spy ring and the exposure of undercover agents around the world. Javier Bardem as Silva pushes Bond to his limits as one of Bond’s finest villains and Adele“Skyfall” is as dramatic as the film itself.

Since debuting on November 9, Craig has reprized his role in Spectrum (2015) and no time to die (2021). The James Bond franchise spans seven decades with new villains and new Bonds to keep fans coming back for more. One of the most successful film franchises of all time, regardless of actor, the Bond films are here to stay.

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